Thursday, August 20, 2009

Risk Everything: The Nathan Lee Story

So friends, one of the destinations we traveled to this summer in America was Franklin, TN to visits friends Michael & Celeste Guido of PR Ministries (see their picture with us below in the previous post).

Franklin is a beautiful little town about 20 minutes south of Nashville (pictured above) which is now one of '1,000 places to see in North America and Canada before you die'. We have been exploring the possibility of partnering with the Guidos' in their work of pastoring Creatives and their families at some point in the future. While we were staying with them, Guido (as I call him) took me to visit a friend of his who's a musician in Nashville. It was a brief visit, but over the past three weeks I have been moved by his music and life story in this current season he's in. While we were there, Nathan gave me some of his music, including his most recent album (yet to be officially released) called Risk Everything.

Nathan Lee's artistry is authentic, excellent, passionate, and most of all, brutally honest. I love it for all four reasons but most of all because of his passion and honesty. He says it like it is. He is passionately pursuing the One who passionately pursues him. Nathan reveals the full spectrum of life and relationship with his God in his beautiful, engaging and rockin' music. Very seldom do I find resonance like this in someone's music, but much of what he conveys has been my experience of this adventure of life with Jesus over the past twenty one years - everything . . life in it's fullness.

Currently Nathan, after the dissolution of his record label, is venturing out on a 40 day, 40 city tour - just him and his piano - with no venues and no budget to do it. He's just traveling to cities he's chosen and on the day he arrives he'll search for a place to play that night - wherever will have him, as he states, "From truckstops to taco stands,... to rehabs and pubs,... from churches to strip clubs,... to backyard parties and everything in between. I'll have no idea what will happen, or how each day will play out until I get there."

I love this guy's attitude and big balls approach to life and faith! He's actually living out what he writes about and is a living portrait of the title of his newest album - Risk Everything! I've been hugely encouraged, challenged and inspired - in just three weeks - from a mild association with Nathan. If you can buy his album - do it. It reminds me, at times, of Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews rolled into one yet transcending both. I'd like to end with a section from one of Nathan's entries in his blog below.


We had no money a year ago….and we have no money now…..but if someone would of told us it would cost nearly 37 thousand bucks to pull off the past year….we wouldnt have done it! AGAIN….WHY DO I WRITE THIS???….If you have a dream….If you have something inside of you that keeps you awake at night……GO AFTER IT! Find a way to pay for what you believe in WITH SWEAT….but never let money keep you from where you’re needing to go! Find the people you can walk through life with….find the people you can dream with….find the people you can create with…..& If it comes down to it…..RISK EVERYTHING to make it happen! You only have 1 life… do something with it…..NO MATTER how crazy they say you are…(and THEY WILL call you crazy)……no matter how many people get in your way……GO AFTER THE REASON YOU WERE BORN!


cya soon……


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