Friday, June 26, 2009

A Prayer for Ireland

I was listening to this song from KJ-52 again yesterday morning as I was out for my early morning run and I just felt that this is God's song for Ireland right now in its history. God has moved heavily and used the people of this island for great purposes in the past and so much of it has been lost - only the shadows remain - but God's not finished with this little island on the edge of the world! His invitation remains extended to the Irish and to each one of us, to walk with Him in intimate relationship and dynamic, collaborative friendship in which we become the people He designed us to be and dreams that we can become. So many of us live portions of, or our whole lives ASLEEP and never truly, really experiencing the height, breadth and depth of REAL LIVING God offers each person. It's time to WAKE UP . . .

'Wake Up' lyrics:

How long you gonna sleep
How long you gonna act like you gonna act

Be how you wanna be

So when you gonna see

You need to get the facts but you wanna laugh

At what I'm gonna speak

You steady sinking deep

Plus ya sinking fast why you running back

Man why you wanna leave

So whats it gonna be

You need to get with that but your missed the fact

That what I'm gonna speak

This aint all a dream

You can try to dash but you gonna have

To face your reality

So this is what I seen

One day it's gonna crash then you'll understand

Everything I'm gonna mean

Wake up wake up Wake up wake why are you falling asleep

So what you wanna do
You turn off the lights then you run and hide

And act like you never knew

Man you aint gotta clue
But you think you're right every single time you
Do what you wanna do

So when you gonna choose

When you gonna try to find your peace of mind

It's right there in front of you

It's time to make a move
You can still deny but the time's running out
Very very soon

So what I gotta prove

Why you walking blind when the signs

Is so obviously coming thru

Man this is now for you

You can try to lie and just still deny
But can't change what is true

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