Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jeremy Begbie: Theology through the arts

I came across this page today and experienced one of those moments of 'convergence' where various aspects of your person seem to meet and greet each other for a bit, trying to decide whether to be friends. These days I think I'm homing in on my own sense of purpose, getting that bit closer to being about what I was made to be about. Artists-theologian Jeremy Begbie has been helping me to do that. His most recent book, 'Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music' is on my 'To Read' list. I posted about it earlier here.

I have heard his name recommended to me a number of times and have read some reviews of his books. Today I got to hear from him directly through a 13 minute video exploring the inter-relationship of music and theology. It's all resonating in a place very deep within me. The crazy thing is I'm not really musical at all! I've played around with violin and guitar in the past but was never disciplined enough to keep with it.

See how what Jeremy offers here connects with you . . .

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