Friday, May 01, 2009

Creativity Out Of Nothing

As a fledgling writer I recognise the need to keep reading as well as being around other creatives who encourage, inspire and with whom I may collaborate. One thing that God has been recently impressing upon me is the need to engage in times of silence and solitude so that my soul (and therefore my creativity) can be preserved, renewed and inspired. It's akin to one of the oldest stories we know, "In the beginning God created . . ." He did so 'ex nihilo' or out of nothing. I think I am beginning to realise that He calls us to do the same. It's in those spaces of silence and solitude that He is continually - perpetually - making something in me out of that nothingness. In silence and solitude all of my honours, medals, accolades - whatever - is stripped from me and I only bring myself. It's there that I accumulate the gravitas of becoming that person God dreams I can become rather than my feeble attempts to add value to my life by those things I seek to amass (oftentimes by comparison with others). Creativity is born from the change within me - that work that only the Creator can do - in my moments of releasing it all before He Who Is.

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