Monday, May 11, 2009

A Compelling (Rhythm of) Life: Four

Here's the fourth section for those of you following this progressive revelation of a 'Rhythm of Life'. We're nearing the end now. This section follows on from the first, second and third posts (read first) . . . and give me some feedback please. Either no one is interested, makes the time to comment or cares at all. Anyone who has any thoughts on this stuff I'd welcome your insights, questions, experiences. Thanks!


Dreamer Values
After some time exploring and reflecting on what it means to live out the vocation of a Dreamer - no matter our specific calling - a few trends began to emerge which were then translated into Values describing our modus operandi (or ‘way of operating’). As with nearly all that we are offering here in the Dreamers Rhythm of Life, these are up for discussion and revision as more people opt into becoming a member of the community and begin living into this Rhythm. The over-arching vocation of the Dreamer is the title in bold italics, the Values are in bold and each Values’ m.o., or how the Value is worked out, is stated below them in italics. The Values appear in no particular order.

Being Redemptive Agents in Culture

Investing in Others
  • Facilitating God’s Dream for the Individual
    • What is it for Each Person?
    • Moving in the Direction of God’s Invitation to Relationship and Partnership

Celebrating Creativity

  • Partnering in Collaborative Ventures
  • Blessing and Participating in the Good, True and Beautiful
  • Releasing / Encouraging Others

Respecting the Image of God in Creation

  • Giving Voice to / Addressing the Needs of Others
  • Preserving / Cultivating our Home Planet
    • Human Relationships
    • Animal life
    • Plant life

Living a Life of Integrity

  • Living in Community as we follow Jesus’ example
    • Authenticity (Generosity)
    • Transparency (Self-Control)
    • Intentionality (Service)

Striving for Excellence

  • Doing the Best We Can With What We Have
    • Giving Our Lives in Response to God Giving His to Us
    • Living Out of Those Places God has Put a Fire In Our Souls

Defacing Superficiality

  • Creating Space for Depth
    • Engendering Conversation
    • Welcoming Questions and Doubts
    • Embracing the Uncomfortable for the Sake of Growth

We believe that the practice of reflecting upon and writing down the Values we live out of enables us to be more intentional in our efforts, more passionate in our prayer and less frenzied in our daily routines. Through the practice of writing out those things we value, we are inviting each other into the deliberate activity of continually revising how we are investing ourselves in life as the Spirit of God leads. The Dreamer Values are those things that inform our practice and pursuit day to day. We are visible signs to one another of how our Values are lived out, just as in the case of the Classic Principles and Distinctive Practices. The Community is a safe place to experiment and practice living life in the Way of Jesus and in the Rhythm of a Dreamer.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine; and at last you create what you will."

- George Bernard Shaw; Irish poet & playwright

Dreamer Objectives
Finally, after a period of conversation and introspection, a number of Objectives have arisen which the Community would like to continually work toward. Some Objectives are long-term, others medium-term and a couple are continual. They are, as are most things in this Rhythm of Life, up for discussion and revision. We would like to keep the Objectives to a maximum of five in order to concentrate our efforts and sharpen our focus. When those Objectives that are time-bound or task related have been accomplished, new Objectives may be added to replace them. The accomplishment of agreed upon Objectives encourages the Community to mature, builds into our collective history and offers us opportunity to directly influence culture-at-large. The following Objectives are listed below in no particular order.

  • The provision of a retreat facility in Ireland to facilitate creative enterprises and personal growth
  • To facilitate networking between people engaged in creative practice
  • To facilitate the training and education of individuals and groups for creative practice
  • The provision of counseling services, care services, soul friendship and other support services for persons requiring them for the advancement of their holistic well-being
  • To promote and support the creativity of communities, groups and individuals within the island of Ireland and beyond

“The reason we are not able to see God is the faintness of our desire.”

- Meister Eckhart; Christian Mystic


Anonymous said...

Shane - this is all good stuff. Read all 4 posts there now. Encouraging & inspiring. I liked the way you suggested about looking at things as resources. Keep at it! Tim

Shane Tucker said...

Tim, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. Thank you even more for taking the time to read through all four posts! There's one final short one to come.

Could you please clarify what you meant by 'looking at things as resources'? Were you referring to my suggestions that every sphere or aspect of our lives is a gift (resource) from God to be returned to Him with 'interest' after a life of investment?

By the way - may I ask which Tim this is? Thanks again and blessings on you my friend!