Tuesday, January 06, 2009

'Such A Time' - 2009 Theme Song

For the first post of 2009 let me (re) introduce you to a friend of mine who is a recording artist living in SoCal. His name is Flynn Adam and the vid below has just been featured on MySpace. The song is called 'Such A Time' and not only is the song aesthetically (musically) kickin', the lyrics are a hopeful bunch of challenging and honest reflections. I have *officially* chosen 'Such A Time' as my theme song for 2009. It has converged with many other happenings in my life to aptly illustrate - musically - the state of my soul at this time. Live on Flynn!



jeff jackson said...

you rock Shane. man, i work with flynn, but your post really hit me. the song is so timely (no pun intended). i think it's my theme song now as well


Shane Tucker said...

Cool Jeff. It seems to me that Flynn really values your investment in him. He's a quality guy and a quality artist - I'm can tell he's raising the standard of his craft. There's more to come from him my friend!