Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Time Has Come

The time has come . . I have put myself out there and offered to get involved in an amazing endeavour known as Risen Magazine. I have offered to promote the magazine here in Ireland (both North & South) and I have also committed to begin writing regular blog posts for their website with a small army of others. This should be interesting . . .

While I've sensed for some time that writing could be a significant aspect of my own personal calling or vocation, I have for years evaded it out of some kind of fear. It's really a strange situation; being drawn to something that you sense your destiny is tied up in, yet feeling strangely compelled to run from it - that very thing you desire.

In many ways that scenario is so characteristic of our human nature. Especially in the context of our relationships, it plays itself out regularly. Have you or has someone you've known been in a relationship that was going the right direction and had all the markers of good health about it, yet something in you or in your friend, caused the relationship to terminate 'prematurely'? If so, you're not alone. We all in some way have a 'self-destruct' strand of DNA within us. Some do better than others at avoiding seeing it played out in their life.

It's the same for those of us who are following our hunger for God. As I stated in a post about a year ago regarding a book I read by a Jesuit priest, so many of us claim to have a desire to grow closer to God - to increase in intimacy with Him and we eagerly make strides toward that end. For many of us, at some point when we're faced with the reality of actual intimacy and depth of relationship with Him in Christ, we fumble, we trip, we lose our confidence and turn and run from that very thing we desired most. The illustration that was given in the book I read was that of a person running to the edge of a cliff and realising that the next part of the journey is out of their control (free-falling over the edge), they decide to turn back the way they came.

That's what my journey with God has been like on many occasions. That is what it has been like walking in the direction of becoming that person that God dreams I can become and that He created me to be. I am presented with the option, the choice. I am offered a glimpse of what life could be like. I am even given loads of encouragement along the way. But, in the end, I must choose to walk that way [head nod to RUN DMC & Aerosmith!], to trust enough to become that someone do not know - yet. Writing has been that for me these last few years. I've had enough time in the wading pool where I'm safe as I pump out pieces at my own pace, according to my own desire or interest. I need to step it up. I need a greater challenge. I need pushed. This new endeavour will be that for me.

So, with gratitude, thank you Risen Magazine for giving me that space to grow. Who knows, how key this time will be in helping clarify further the path God has marked out? All I know is I'm up for the challenge and all the criticism that comes with it - the constructive and painfully rude. So, if you have yet to learn what Risen Magazine is all about - why waste any more time?? All I will say is their creative collaboration has inspired me and added more fuel to my fire. I love their presence (image). I love their angle (stance) as they approach issues. I love their coverage (content). And I love the homegrown, but professional vibe. For me, Risen is actually a convergence of those arenas in life which I am most passionate about: the arts, faith and culture. They are experimenting in areas I am hungry to experiment in, namely the inter-relationship of the arts, faith and culture. There's too much in that to unpack now, but maybe it will come - and possibly on Risen's site. So, if you're interested in Risen and / or interested in giving me some constructive feedback on a different level, please keep your eye on this very, very hotspot on the web -

Watch that/this space . . .


If you live in Ireland, hit me up and I may be able to hand deliver a copy of the magazine to you!

Here's an earlier post on Risen Magazine.


Stan McConnell said...

Great opportunity. I'm excited for you.
That triple vortex of faith, arts and culture is something I'm eager to see explored especially, since all three have such open definitions and variation that everyone explore it differently.

Looking forward to reading as you write.

Shane Tucker said...

Thanks Stan - it could be crap though. That's where friends come in! ;-) No - I do expect to grow a lot through this experience. Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to having your input at the Symposium!