Friday, November 14, 2008

tallskinnykiwi's Return to Ireland

I'm just heading to the airport to pick up Andrew Jones of tallskinnykiwi fame. He'll be helping to facilitate a day on Christian spirituality, new media and fresh expressions of church in Galway (see advert below). It's open to the public. Ring me on 00353 (0) 8682 55759 if you'd like to come.

Following that, he'll be taking part in our annual Dreamers of the Day Symposium on the shores of Lough Derg which will consist of open conversation, food and good drinks. We hope to explore the Dreamers Rhythm of Life which we're attempting to develop as we consider transitioning into a missional order. Check out more on the open Dreamers network here and join the subversive revolution!

Following the close of the Symposium on Sunday, Mr. Jones and I will be hanging with my fam and kicking back next to a fire with our feet up no doubt!

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