Saturday, October 04, 2008

Signs in the Sky

Today I saw a goose in the sky overhead as I was leaving for work. I was packing the car for an overnight trip when I heard this strange noise above me so I turned around to look. It was a sole white goose flying West not too far above me. Nothing strange right? I haven't stopped thinking about it all day - even as I lay here in a hotel room bed unable to sleep. The Celtic (early Irish) Christians had a personal phrase for the Holy Spirit - they referred to it as The Wild Goose - contextualising their Christian faith by using a more common illustration than the Scriptural dove. The notion behind the migrating goose is that we must be prepared to follow it's (the Spirit's) path wherever it leads. The Celtic Christians viewed abandoning themselves recklessly to God as an admirable quality. Recently I agreed to review a book called 'Wild Goose Chase' by Mark Batterson which explores and encourages this approach to Christ which I've yet to open. Strangely, I've also felt that things are changing for my family and I as we've been seeking discernment. At risk of sounding over spiritual (is that truly possible in a non-dualistic framework?), or over simplifying life's enduring questions . . could this morning's experience be a confirmation of God's leading in recent times? Often the merit of a circumstance or experience is the lasting effect it has on us. There is something stirring in me . . time will bear witness to these movements in my soul. Lead on Wild Goose, lead on!

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