Thursday, October 16, 2008

Economic Crisis and the Role of the Soul Friend

Could the current global economic crisis have been averted if top-level execs had people in their lives to remind them of the way of integrity, truth, service and ultimately peace? It's quite possible. Some top level companies employ chaplains (who are not exclusively in the 'soul friend' tradition but similar) who are available for corporates and investors, but not many do. I do believe that the current situation may have been averted if more soul friends were in situ in those places of cultural power, but not definitely so. It's just more likely that if people have those around them who are a continually voice of reason, truth and reality that they will generally be more healthy, balanced and well-adjusted - avoiding major pitfalls such as those the world is reeling from at the moment.

It just amazes (actually saddens) me that the greed of a very small majority of people can hurt so many. I'm going to go ahead and use a word here that many have an aversion to . . sin. It was sin that led to the world becoming unbalanced and tumultuous economically (and this is just one sphere of life!). I use the word 'sin' in its denotative and not connotative manner. It actually is defined as 'missing the mark' and in this case not living up to the potential inherent every person for the good. We are to always be looking out for the best interests of others - which is exactly what love defined is. Those who contributed directly or indirectly to the current economic woes were not acting in love for others because they simply were looking out for themselves. That is not love, it's sin, or missing the mark of living up to the potential inherent in them as people created in the image of God. It's sad and tragic.

The article below was a very brief, but interesting, comment on the role of (what should be) truth-tellers in the lives of those who hold positions of influence over others. God willing, I intend to help assemble a collective of those called to do just that.

So be it!

Religion Sees Surge of Investors

Here's one man and wife who are doing this very thing in the arena of the Arts & Entertainment industry.

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