Monday, September 08, 2008

A Word for Today

I gave up reading the Word for Today some time ago - not because it wasn't good - but because in many ways it was TOO good. The extremely brief, insightful daily offerings were very upbeat and somewhat 'name it, claim it' in tone I felt. Worse yet was my tendency to simply rely on Bob Gass's (the author) reflections on the Word of God to be my mainstay instead of working to get myself to a quiet state of listening to God for myself. In addition, I wanted to give the Spirit of God more leeway to communicate to me whatever it was I needed to hear and imbibe that day beyond what God had been speaking to good old Bob. Still, the odd time, I take a glimpse at what today's word is (according to Bob) and God does, in fact, speak to me through it.

My wife Christy told me I should read this one from last week believing it would be significant for me and - as she expected - it was. The excerpt is below.

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