Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Soul's Rest

There is a tradition here in Ireland - North and South - whereby people give their homes names. I have to admit, it was a foreign concept (obviously) when Christy and I first arrived on these shores nine years ago. Having lived here for so long now, a natural course of assimilation has already been set in motion so that when we moved into our current home, I was strangely warmed at the thought of naming it. Now, there is a strong theological and historical premise behind names and the giving of names, to say nothing of the reality of the power our words have (more on that later), so in true fashion a name was chosen. Since we live in Ireland and I have a strong affinity to it's people, history and language, naturally we chose an Irish phrase to become the name for our home.

'SUAIMHNEAS ANAMA' [Soov-nis An-ama] was chosen which when translated (I'm told) loosely means 'Soul's Rest'. We chose this name because it says something of what we desire our home to be for our family, but also for every person who enters as a visitor or for a longer stay. We desire that everyone might sense something of the Spirit of God beckoning them and God's great love for them. So I spied a suitable rock amidst the rubble of our estate when it was being built and I asked the builders to delivery it to my door (which they graciously did) and I officially gave this all-important name to our little home in the midlands of Ireland!

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