Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Disappointment with the State of Things

I recently read this article from LifeSiteNews where my Archbishop, Alan Harper, attempted to make an argument from Scripture for homosexuality as a normative situation for people. Firstly, I have been fairly silent on this issue of sexuality for two reasons: 1) Although I hadn't spoken out publicly about it I do not hide from sharing openly in respectful dialogue with friends and 2) although this is an important issue, I can't believe that so much focus, energy and effort should be spent in debating (and sometimes destroying) each other when so many other life-threatening issues are more pressing in the world like human slave trafficking, extreme poverty, the Aids epidemic, unjust wars and child abuse, etc. This issue of human sexuality must not be ignored but I do not believe it should dominate the Body of Christ's (Church) attention and be the biggest thing on its 'radar'!

In my experience, while the issues/arguments/positions are important, they are not usually the reason things get out of hand and everything short of all-out war is declared on the 'opposing' party. It's oftentimes the way (manner) in which positions are communicated and not what a person's actual position on this subject is (considering they are humane and respectful that everyone is a recipient of God's love) that causes the most strife. I am not someone who believes there is no truth or ultimate reality in the world . . our whole ability to exist and operate daily relies on the perseverance of immutable, foundational realities. While I do have clear thoughts on this issue (informed heavily by my Christian understanding), I also hold strongly to extending love, grace and reconciliation to everyone while holding to truth, justice and God's revelation of Himself in Christ. In regards to human sexuality I don't see the necessity of making a case from the Bible (although this is possible to do), the answer can very elementarily be deduced from basic biology. No species can perpetuate itself without being pro-creative and as anatomy/physiology clearly demonstrates, there is a basic implied relationship for human beings - male and female. This is the 'natural' revelation deduced by simple observation. Now, all sorts of arguments can be made against this viewpoint, but it's so simple I don't see how it can be refuted.

Regardless, I will choose to be generous, respectful, embracing and gentle without negating what I understand Scripture to state, the created order to dictate or what God calls each person to in Christ - the ultimate example of what it means to be truly human. Let's get our priorities in order and seek a healthy balance in addressing life's issues from a holistic perspective. Aggression, ignorance nor disregard can be tenable postures in this current state of affairs. Not one of us has our life 'sorted' out.

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