Friday, July 25, 2008

Family Force 'Funk' 5

So, I've been searching (for months) for a band to play at our annual youth weekend called Anois and I have had this one band as my number one choice all along. I gave up on them because they'd be to expensive for us to fly them all over from the States, including their expenses and fee. I was listening to their tunes from their myspace page earlier this month and a woman walks in I was working with at Urban Soul who proceeded to tell me she worked at the church the band went to when they were kids in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, one of the girls that was over here helping her in her youth ministry knows the band well and was in their music video for 'Luv Addict'.

So, here I am hoping we won't have to go with our second choice of a band for Anois and that some strings will be pulled to help us get these guys over to Ireland for their first-ever Irish gigs! The band is called Family Force 5 and they are seriously rippin' it up Stateside at the moment. Their tracks are very infectious, crunky, dance-o-matic tunes that you just can't get out of your head! The young people here would absolutely love how fun, engaging and totally hilarious these guys are . . if we can get them to come over to Eire!

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