Wednesday, May 21, 2008

'Here I Am'

Here's a little ditty I wrote about a month ago while in a workshop with the Gardner's from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. They asked us to write a poem using only the phrase 'I am' as the opener for each line. So below is my little submission to you discerning art critics (whom don't seem to make comments on posts anyway - so I must be safe!).

Here I am - You are here too.
I am fragile - Your tenderness mends.
I am darkness - Your luminosity casts shadows of truth.
I am wandering - Your gentleness invites me home.
I am wearing [down] - Your patience is crafting Art in me.
I am growing - Your beauty shines, radiating in my pain . . .
I am hope-filled - Your faith-fullness pervades all spheres.
I am dreaming - You have come, saturating my senses.
You are, You are, You are . . .

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