Monday, May 26, 2008

Heading to London

So CIYD are hosting our Diocesan Youth Officers on our annual DYO retreat to London for the next couple of days. It should be good 'craic' and also good for the overall youth ministry strategy of the Church of Ireland. I am so excited these days about the sense of unity and teamwork that is happening right across the board in regards to youth ministry within the Church. I know from my Greek class days with Dr. Heth at Taylor University that unity is the major theme from the book of Ephesians in Scripture and coincidentally, the most important statement for the veracity of Jesus' claims and work to the rest of the world. Remember . . "They'll know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another . ."?? If we can't get it right amongst ourselves - what hope is there?

So, I'm hopeful and expectant for what God may have in store for us in London!

And I'm looking forward to hopefully catching up with some friends of old and older.

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