Sunday, April 06, 2008

P.Y.O.P. - Pull Your Own Pint

I was out a few weeks ago with a new friend - Matt Kingsley, who works with GEM and we headed out to two pubs on the South side of Dublin. The first one we went to was my favourite. It's called The Baggot Inn. It was very contemporary, decorated in a trendy fashion and the best feature . . . you could pull your own pints at the round tables where you were seated! The choices were slim though, either Guinness or Carlsberg, but sooo cooool! Here's a picture of Matt enjoying his perfectly poured pint of Guinness.

There was another col feature just across from our table. There was a large 'painting' of Arthur Guinness (creator of Guinness) on the wall which every fifteen minutes or so he came to life and did something completely different than before. The barman said that it would take someone sitting there and watching him two and a half days to see everything he does. What an ingenious idea. Loved it. Here's a photo a of him striking his pose.

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