Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hitting All the Right Buttons

Okay, here's a great reason to be in the States right now . . I just came across the website for a very exciting - let me say that again - a very exciting gathering of people hosted in one of my 'towns to watch' that could prove to be one of 2008's 'Things Not to Miss'. Unfortunately for me . . I'm gonna miss it (since I'm in Ireland) and all I can do is grit my teeth and day dream about what it would have been like.

Phrases and words (more importantly, the realities they represent) like cultural transformation, spiritual formation, the arts, imagination, justice, vision, passion, beauty, truth, personal development, reformation and engagement get me excited to NO END. My heart is pounding now even as I type this. Few issues / arenas / subjects elicit such a response from me. Thus, I know, I must spend my life immersed in these areas. All the more reason that I'm bummed - really bummed - to be missing what appears to be a flippin' brilliant symposium hosted in Austin, Texas in a week and a half.

The saving grace of it all is that they are planning on recording all of the main sessions and as many of the workshops as possible. I have never seen such a comprehensive thematic programme from a Christian sponsored event in my life. Well done David Taylor and all the rest of you who have pulled this together. May it go from strength to strength and realise its prophetic role in the American Church and beyond!

And, I might - just maybe - make it one year in the near future!

Check out Transforming Culture . . and get there if you care about being a shaper of culture!

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