Friday, March 21, 2008

The Creative Age

Futurist, pragmatist and occasional theologian Leonard Sweet speaks in these two podcasts from Napkin Scribbles about how the future belongs to Creatives or right-brained (contextual, synthetic, simultaneous) people. He makes a case that the era of the left-brained (sequential, textual, analytical) dominance is over, in part, because many of the tasks geared toward these type of people are being outsourced to machines! He stresses that the Church MUST invest more in R & D (research and development) by raising up, developing and releasing more Creatives.

In the nascent era, Leonard states that the '6 Senses' will predominate our everyday lives: Design, Story, Symphony, Play, Empathy and Meaning. This feeds into so much of what I've read / heard on postmodern thought which emphasizes the emotions, experience, narrative, relationships (connection), fun and pragmatism over theory. A friend of mine, Ben Price, wrote a great article years ago called The Gospel in a Culturally Relevant Postmodern Church which describes this trend in more detail. In the article, Ben states, "Art is to postmodernity what science was to modernity - an imperative discussion." Well put friend.

Len's two podcasts: (right click to download)

Half A Brain

Right-Brained Future

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