Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Musical Enterprise!

We're very glad to welcome Flynn Adam & Poems (part of acclaimed troupe LA Symphony) to Anois this year!


It's time again . . for our annual Republic of Ireland youth weekend called Anois. It's such an exciting time on so many levels. First off, it a fantastic opportunity for young people to encounter and engage with a loving God and his invitation for them to join Him in His work in the world through relationship. Second, it's an awesome opportunity to serve with some of the very best youth workers in Ireland - I love them! Thirdly, it a wonderful creative outlet as we use everything imaginable to convey the truth of Christ to young lives: speaking, music, VJing, DJing, activities, film, discussion workshops and friendship. May God be pleased with His kids as we make Him famous amoung the youth of Ireland!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Céilí Dé Two: Immanence

We had our second Céilí Dé gathering tonight in our parish church in Cloughjordan, Tipperary. See our running order below. Any thoughts on the evening (from what you can deduce) would be greatly appreciated!

IMMANENCE (Session Two)
Running Order
* Atmospheric
- lighting
- seating
- food

* Greeting
- Welcome at door
- Offered refreshments ( fruit salad / snacks )
- Video / music ( ‘no religion’ loop / ‘Afterward’ by MUTE MATH )

* Official welcome
- Theme / focus ( reading from Spencer Burke : A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity )
- Define: American Heritage Dictionary
im·ma·nent (ĭm'ə-nənt) Pronunciation Key adj.
1. Remaining within; indwelling; inherent.
2. Philosophy. (of a mental act) taking place within the mind of the subject and having no effect outside of it. Compare transeunt.
3. Theology. (of the Deity) indwelling the universe, time, etc.
Compare transcendent (def. 3).

* Video / Pop Culture Clip
- On Immanence ( Clip from film ‘Bruce Almighty’ )

* Hopes & Dreams
- Céilí Dé
- Personal intro

* Poem
- On Immanence ( ‘God’s Grandeur’ by Gerald Manley Hopkins )

* Accounts
- Of Direct Encounters
+ Paul on the road to Damascus? ( take out identifiers )
+ Local stories ( house blessing )

* Literary Snippets?
- Group discussion ( separate readings )
+ Brennan Manning: The Ragamuffin Gospel
+ John O'Donahue: Eternal Echoes
- Reflection Questions ( on screen )

* Reflection
- Video ( ‘One of Us’ by Joan Osbourne )

* Closure
- Blessing ( John O’Donahue: Eternal Echoes )

* Invitation
- To pub / out to eat! ( Corner House )

* Outro
- Video / music ( ‘no religion’ loop / ‘Afterward’ by MUTE MATH )

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bling the Bishop

The Bishop of Maidstone (Graham Cray), who has been over with us in Ireland, getting 'blinged' up for a youth service. Unbelievable!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Black Rose

New release from passion-punk rockers Blindside.

Could they be touring Ireland in 2008? Stay tuned . . .

Getting Greener

So, here's my posthumous post on seeking to be TRUE stewards of this big, beautiful green & blue ball God has given us for home. If you're at all thinking - I mean at all - we don't have to look beyond our own lifetime to see how humanity's activity is affecting the delicate balance of creation God set in motion from time's origin. I was recently watching a programme by the BBC on RTE's '2' that gave some very good suggestions for helping to bring CO2 emissions to zero in a HUGE, global seven step process. The catch is it takes everyone contributing. China is set to eclipse the US in 20 years (I believe) as the number one carbon polluting nation. Try these on and see how they fit:

* If you reduce your home's thermostat by only three (that's right - 3!) degrees you will have reduced your personal carbon emission by one ton in one year. The general suggestion is dress for the weather even while in your home (snow suits & winter shells excluding ;-) ). You will also be making a saving on your heating bill.

* Appliances in the 'stand by' mode consume up to 10% of your electricity bill. The general rule in saving (the environment & your bank account) is to unplug the appliances (or switch off at the wall in the Ireland / UK) when they are not in use. I know that for some this is impractical (in the case of using a clock on some appliances to tell time), but it's possible if we just get in the habit.

* Keeping our refrigerators clean is also supposed to reduce our electricity bill as unused & un-usable foods absorb more energy (keeping them cool) and thus increase your electricity use. You will save here on bills as well.

* An obvious choice is walking places whenever you're able and not in a rush; but therein lies another problem - many of us are in a rush all too often. Maybe a solution to this epidemic is to simply plan ahead more, keep a schedule and learn the art of saying 'NO' more often to requests made to those who are people-pleasers or who get a sense of self-worth from activity. Car-pooling can be effective, as can buying more desired household items locally, such as produce, etc. which aren't shipped half-way across the globe. Much of this depends on how effectively we deal with the 'want it now, get it now' policy most of (us) the western world lives by.

Try these & other habits on for one month and see if they make a positive difference in your budget and lifestyle. After your experiment - make a decision on how then you shall live.

On iTunes check out some *FREE* podcasts from National Geographic on getting greener here.

Check out a previous post on an artist's view of global conservation . . 'Running the Numbers'

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let's Join Together

Blog Action Day -Yeah!

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Tomorrow is Blog Action Day. I hope to be taking part in this year's push to highlight our collective responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. Click on the image above to take part and help spread the word!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Support a Brutha!

Alright peoples, please visit this eBay page of a dear friend and brother - Michael Guido - who does some amazing work (together with his wife Celeste) with people in the Art 'n Entertainment industry . . supporting 'Creatives' in their life calling. Their work is under the banner of PR Ministries and they've been at it for 25 years!

You can get your mitts on some killer swag by going to the eBay page and bidding on one of the great guitars signed by no other than legends in their own right . . P.O.D., Blindside, Michael W. Smith, TobyMac and Pillar. You know that there is just someone you know that would love one of these and would be greatly encouraged in their pursuit of music by it. So check it out now!

PR MySpace

see previous posts about Guido

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Space to Grow

My co-worker for Northern Ireland - Sharon Hamill - recently facilitated the first ever 'Space to Grow' Mobilize session from the Church of Ireland Youth Department. It focuses on helping people explore the spiritual disciplines in a way that is conducive to their regular adoption in everyday life. Sharon lead it in Derry (Co. Londonderry) and I heard that it went well. As a part of the interactive learning experience, we have designed a number of locations around the room which people engage with. Here is a picture of one such space with some of the feedback people gave regarding a specific theme they were exploring. Looks good! Great job Sharon!

View Larger Map

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Graduated Today!

I graduated today! Just got home from my commencement ceremony at Milltown Institute. Two years of spending one weekend a month at Manresa House (the Centre of Jesuit Spirituality in Ireland) and a bit of work later - voile . . a diploma; but more importantly the experience behind it! The course in Spiritual Direction was a milestone of sorts for me. I felt I entered it at a good time and now that it's over I'm not sure what to do with it. It's actually easier than I've made it sound because 'it' (the training) has become a part of who I now am.

Isn't that the point?? That whenever we take on experiences such as this it's not for information, but transformation?! I know it was the right move and that God orchestrated my involvement in the course. I have had a sense of Spiritual Direction. I sense a calling to servepurpose and direction for many years now that lends itself well to people on a stage (figuratively or literally) by walking alongside them in their journey, helping them to fulfill their calling to the best of their ability. I will now wait to discern how our magnificent Maker might want me to put it all to use in His service.

The best is yet to come!

Monday, October 01, 2007

the ALLELON Missional Order

Background to the Missional Order: October 15-18, 2007
For the past two years Allelon has been in conversation with leaders around the globe about the questions of forming missional leaders in a post Christian world. Our conversations have taken us to the UK, Australia and New Zealand as well as meeting with leaders from across the churches in North America. We've been seeking to discern what God is saying in the midst of many experiments and numerous currents of church life across these countries.

One of the constants that emerged from these conversations is a deepening sense that the task of forming leaders will take time. This is probably going to be a multi-generational movement in which we are continually discerning the shaping of the holy gusts of the Spirit. At the same time, we have been struck by the almost universal consensus we have heard about the need for the formation of some kind of missional order.

In the UK we met with the Northumbria Community and were struck by the wisdom of its leadership and the common commitment to a Rule of Life that guides thousands of people around the world. Jonny Baker from the Anglican Church Missionary Society, is also a friend who shared with us his own early explorations into the formation of some kind of missional order.

Read more . . .

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