Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dreamcast episode ONE - 'Dream IT, Do It'

Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!! We've just managed to post the very first Dreamers of the Day podcast (we're calling them 'Dreamcasts')! It's entitled 'Dream It, Do It'. It's rough, but we're live! Give a listen and let us know ( what you think and/or contribute to the next one. Blessings!

McLaren in Ireland

Brian is doing a one-day session with 75 people in Greystones, Co. Wicklow tomorrow. Pray for Ireland, and those of us who live here, that we'll experience God afresh and gain a vision for what He wants to accomplish in Ireland!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Refunds!

Just had to share this card from my good friend and roommate from Taylor University - the one and only Paul 'Woomie' Rutter! He sent it to me for my birthday in January. It's up in my office now - too good to throw away. Still getting a laugh from it . . .

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

POD's Soul Friend

A man I deeply respect - Michael Guido - and who I am privileged to call a friend, has been hanging out with these guys lately (P.O.D.) offering encouragement, challenge and a listening ear . . a true Soul Friend! Some sights and sounds from the current Warriors 2 Tour!

Get this video and more at

Jesus and the Piece of God

Here's a great picture of Jesus I found at Ship of Fools that made me laugh and laugh. The caption contest that followed the picture was an added bonus . . check it out here. Prepare for sore sides and wet eyes!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Last Tuesday on the Move

Below you'll find two video clips from some friends I recently got to know last year when we hosted the Irish leg of their first European tour. The guys are in a band called Last Tuesday. They're great musicians with hearts hungry to see God show up in the world around them. I hope to connect with them this summer when they may make another trip to Europe. You can check out my original blog about them here. The first clip is of them in the studio working on their new album, the next is them playing a show in Germany a few days ago.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Okay, okay . . I'm addicted. There, I've confessed it. I'm lost in LOST. Ahh, the weight is lifted. Christy and I are devotees to the series LOST. I realise so many people are chasing after the latest trend in electronic television media - but I don't mind being a part of the mindless masses on this one. We carve out time every Monday night to watch the show (on RTE in Ireland). We sustain periods of silence as we sit in suspense during the 45+ minute airing each week. During the adverts ('commercials' to you North Americans) we zip around the house trying to make a quick coffee, go to the toilet or check on the kids before the show reappears on the TV after 2.5 minutes too long. Yep, we're certifiably a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d. We're on LOST like a fly on a horses' ass. It's our electronic narcotic of choice. We groan when the show ends because we have to wait another week to see the follow-up (okay, that's just me). The attractiveness of LOST culminates in the fact that it's very well written (therefore engaging), the cinematography is captivating and it constantly touches on meta-narrative type issues such as purpose, destiny, calling, etc. So if you haven't watched one yet . . go on . . get to your local video shop and rent Season 1, Box 1 today!

Click here to listen to part ONE of an interview with LOST Executive Producer and Writer, Carlton Cuse from

Click here to listen to part TWO of an interview with LOST Executive Producer and Writer, Carlton Cuse from Busted

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Vocation (Calling)

Just spoke at a conference geared toward young people considering their life's calling today. I shared on my own experience of coming to terms with what I believe my calling is under God. Shared a bit of the story of our journey to - and now in - Ireland. Was great to be able to speak on this topic - one of my top five favourites! I'm attaching a slide.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What I'm Into

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Here's an image of my podcast list in iTunes. It shows some of the great podcasts I've found out there - all of which are free. There are some very interesting audio and video podcasts available under loads of themes/topics. We hope to start trying our hand at podcasts with Dreamers soon [watch the site]!

Hero of the Month

May's Hero of the Month is my long-time friend Josh Scott. Josh and I have been friends since high school when he was dating my sister. Josh eventually made a decision to know Jesus personally (at a P.I.D. concert no doubt!) while we were out one night and got involved in our youth ministry at the time called The King's Crew - don't laugh! Anyway, as time went on we became very good friends, sharing many interests and experiences. Josh has always been someone I have respected greatly - for his razor sharp intellect, his consistency in lifestyle, leadership ability, faith, his loyalty and his creative edge. Josh is currently working at the church we both attended while growing up. He is assistant pastor at The Church at Polaris. Josh is Hero of the Month this month for recently finishing a half marathon in our home town of Columbus, Ohio. He's been an inspiration to me to start running again (9 miles in the last 10 days)! You can get to know Josh, his family, work and passion better here.

Hero of the Month

April's Hero of the Month (I know - I still haven't caught up!) is Relevant Magazine - I'll go as far as to say Relevant Media Group - for consistently producing material that is both of excellent quality and edgy presentation. In my estimation, Relevant have set an example (with short-comings in mind) for the wider Church in how to engage culture as authentic, transparent Christians expressing themselves through the medium of the Arts (of which publishing, clothing production and television are a part). My understanding of a natural flow in not hiding who we are as followers of Christ should be by doing whatever it is we do (are gifted in, called to and passionate about) with excellence, integrity and authenticity. In so doing, the world will take notice (a tested axiom) of the origin of the work (artist, teacher, lawyer, domestic engineer, sanitation worker, waitress, pastor, etc.) and if that person is a sincere follower of Christ, their life will point back to the One - Jesus Himself. Then, if opportunity arises, the Christian has the credibility to share what means most to them. As the oft-quoted saying goes -"Wherever you go preach the Gospel, and if you must . . use words." - Francis of Assisi. That's as natural as it gets.

Great job Relevant . . in all of your areas of creativity and influence! Remain true to the Source and keep taking risks - you'll be surprised at the outcome.