Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thoughts on emerging & a U2 gig!

I recently found out Brian McLaren is coming to visit the Republic of Ireland in May 2006. I was slightly surprised to hear this and overwhelmingly excited that it may prove to be the primer we need to get this 'emerging church' discussion rolling in the South. I'm sure many of you have heard of the emerging church but if you haven't a good place to start would be by making a visit to the Emergent Village. I have been reading about the 'emergent trends' for about two years now and in the last year have intentionally gathered together some information on the 'movement' if you will. I'm still not sure I have it figured out, and to be honest, I don't think that the emergent thing wants to be 'figured out'. From a pragmatic angle, the emerging church offers mainstream Christianity an opportunity. An opportunity to understand itself - much more clearly. It's like when a parent gazes intently at their child and ponders the significance their life has had on their child - for better or worse. The 'Emerging Church' is the question. It's the conversation. It's the deep breath or sigh of relief. It's the comtemplative repose before the forward charge. The 'Emerging Church' is a catharsis of sorts for the modern Church, our opportunity to truly deal with ourselves and [hopefully] re-emerge a more engaging, holistic, catalyst for the arrival of the Kingdom of God. Just a few thoughts . .

I'm headed to U2's gig in Glasgow, Scotland tomorrow - can't wait! It'll be the first time I have seen them live. I'll post some info after the gig!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Facing change

I'm really excited about all of the upcoming changes in our lives as a family - moving to another country [same island], welcoming our second child into the world in September, visiting the States for six weeks in the autumn, finding a new church and the list goes on. Although there is a certain level of excitement about these changes, I am also tired just thinking about it all. I guess to some extent that although this adventurous spirit can endure, the actual change might take its toll on the body and soul. I'm not sure where the road we're on will lead us through, but I do know who it's leading to. Wherever we [the Tuckers'] go and whichever direction we head I only want our journey to be characterised by passion, intensity and fervour for the One who loves us and leads us on.

This weekend the four of us [if you count our develping baby-in-womb] are heading to a beautiful part of Ireland - County Wicklow - to stay wth some new friends. Greg is an American who has been living and working in Ireland for the past 14 years. He has been serving young people in Ireland a long time and is a musician who's played with groups like Caedmon's Call. He's married to Alex, who's from England, and they have two children - Chloe and Joshua. It should be a good time to get a better feel for the Republic and establish new friendships prior to our move in January.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fighting myself

I'm sure all of you have these moments. In fact, I know we all have these moments. Moments when we're sick of ourselves because of the rebellion that still dwells somewhere deep in the cavern of our hollow hearts. I don't like the me that I am when I choose a path that is not God's - in other words, when I sin. For a number of years now it has become increasing clear to me that the crux of our [Christians'] battle in this life is for a realisation of our true identity.

Identity is far too deep to unpack in a short blog, but in essence it is us and we are it. Our identity is shaped by factors outside of our understanding of ourselves. It is shaped through the independent [God Creator/'parent' or care-giver] - dependent [creature/child] relationships we are a part of. Identity is shaped by the perceptions and actions of others. It is shaped through love and hate. Our identity - that is, what I believe [as in 'to act out'] to be true about me - is of ultimate concern to us. How we respond to others has everything to do with how we 'see' ourselves. How we 'see' ourselves has everything to do with what/where we derive our core identity issues from. It could be healthy or broken relationships. It could be good or bad/false memories. An example that comes to mind when I think about the shaping of identity are lines from a song called "Osmosis Land' by a former band called 'Earthsuit'. The line goes like this "God above invade my soul, I become what I behold". This simple truth underscores the reality that we take on characteristics of that which we 'worship' - and we all worship something . . or Someone.

Scripture says that " . . as a man believes in his heart, so he is . . ." we could never be closer to the truth! What we believe to be true about ourselves, has a direct influence upon how we will behave in any given situation. If we're to become all that God dreams that we can become, if we're to fulfill His grand designs for us in this life, if we're to follow the destiny written for us in Christ's blood, then we must deal with our sense of identity. It's not usually a pleasant process - becoming more of who we're meant to be, but it's more than worth it. Unfortunately, we cannot write our identity ourselves, but, we can spend quality time with the One who can . . . and does.

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